Paycent Card Cashback Program

Cash-back on PYN HODL from 20th Mar 2019

Holding PYN-C37 tokens in Paycent app will let users reap discount benefits on the Paycent card transactions for Foreign exchange and cash out fees. Below is the table representing Tier based benefits with respect to number to PYNs being held on the Paycent app.

Cashback in Paycent Wallet Transactions

Use PYN-C37 tokens to pay for the transaction fee charged on converting US SIP to digital asset and get 50% off on the transaction fee. When paying with PYN-C37 tokens, the transaction fee within the Paycent app will be 0.75% instead of standard 1.5%

Elite group membership*

  1. Invitation to global Paycent events with return airfare and hotel stay included.
  2. Chance to be a part of Paycent's closed group community and interact with Paycent's management about business ideas.
  3. Early birds will receive future development about Paycent.

Terms and Conditions**

  1. Users have to keep their PYN-C37 in Paycent digital wallet to be eligible for any rewards and cashbacks.
  2. The benefits will be compiled on a monthly basis and will be rewarded to Paycent users in the form of US SIP in their Paycent wallet.
  3. Pro-rata rate to be considered for calculating the transaction and top up rewards.
  4. The Paycent Card Fee will be reversed for every user holding more than 50,000 PYNs in their Paycent wallet after 30 consecutive days of holding it.
  5. The Paycent Card Fee will be reversed for every user holding less than 50,000 PYNs in their Paycent wallet after 90 consecutive days of holding it.
  6. For users with multiple Paycent Cards, card payment reversal will only be applicable on a per card, per holding period basis. Example: User under Tier 8, the Paycent China Union Pay card payment reversal will be applied after 90 days; consequently, the second card payment reversal for the Paycent Mastercard or Paycent Union Pay International will be after 90 days.

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